Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brookdale Animals: original photos

Put a bird on it!

I can never tell how my projects are going to "trend" -- for forever it seemed like my Game of Thrones-inspired House Sigil Banners fabric was going to be the only thing that was selling at my Spoonflower shop.   But now, all of a sudden, there's been a couple sales of my Brookdale Animals design.  My very first Spoonflower upload, from last summer!  The one that's behind these words you're reading right now!

This is as good a time as any to show off the original photos I took a year and a half ago of the parking lot signs themselves, because most of them (or at least some of them) are gone.  I haven't entered the Brookdale "complex" since they started work on the new Wal Mart, but from what I can tell from the highway, there's only a few signs still up on the south side: I see the fox and kangaroo, and a couple others further down.  There might be more on the west side, but the ones along the north and east side, facing the highway -- the iconic owl and the rooster for sure -- are torn down and gone.

Put a bird on it!

So click here to see the Flickr set I made of these original photos -- all 15 are there.  Enjoy!

(Update: I just realized that someone else took pictures -- better ones -- of the same signs, six days after I did, and put them up of Flickr also.)

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