Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reader Mail

Things have been a little slow for puppet news, so I thought I'd go through some Reader Mail.

Dear Peter's Puppets,
I wonder what John Krasinski has been up to since The Office wrapped earlier this year.
-- Flo, St. Petersburg, FL

Since lending his voice to this summer's family hit Monsters University, the hip heartthrob, 33, has been seen on a recent episode of Arrested Development.  John says, "it was totes rad to play that particular character!"
John Krasinski

Dear Peter's Puppets,
Is there any royal baby news from Philip IV and Mariana of Austria?
-- Jontesh, Studio City, CA

Good news, Jontesh!  The Spanish monarchs welcomed baby boy Charles II in 1661.  The couple is very happy... and very exhausted!
Charles II of Spain

Dear Peter's Puppets,
Is this a good week to plant begonias?  My wife doesn't think so.
-- Wenceslas, Denver, CO

Your wife is right, Wenceslas.  Begonias should never be planted until after the danger of frost has passed in the spring.  In the meantime, you can place the sprout containers, with a towel under them, on a radiator.
Red Wax Begonias

Well, that's it for now!  Keep those letters coming, and make sure to visit the Peter's Puppets Etsy Shop for the best deals on Peter's Puppets!