Saturday, July 21, 2012

Peanuts Statues in the Twin Cities

One of our current non-puppet passions is hunting down Peanuts (Charlie Brown, Snoopy, et al) statues that are still on display throughout the Twin Cities, but mostly in Saint Paul, Charles Schulz's birthplace and boyhood city.  The statues were designed, made, and displayed from 2000 to 2004, and most of them -- there were hundreds -- have been taken down by now.  A lot of them have gone to the Charles Schulz museum in Santa Rosa, California.  Many of them appear to have been sold, moved around, or fallen off the edge of the world.  The ones that have been displayed outside in public places have definitely suffered from wear and years of harsh Minnesota weather.  The good news is that there's just enough of them around to make hunting for them worthwhile (in fact, that they're fewer and far between only sweetens the search).  After Ez's enthusiasm for Peanuts Christmas shows these past holidays, we began looking for them in March of this year (2012) -- so consider the ones pictured here as "verified to be in existence" as of now.  I'll add more as we find them, so if you're interested, check back often!

Grand Avenue Veterinary Center, 1140 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul

Half Price Books, Saint Paul

House of Note Violin Shop, on Minnetonka Boulevard in Saint Louis Park 
(my birthplace and boyhood city)

University of Minnesota Medical Center, on campus at 500 Harvard St., Minneapolis

Inside the lobby of the Medical Center at 500 Harvard St.
(note the zig-zag designed into Chuck's niche!)

District Energy, 76 Kellogg Boulevard West, Downtown Saint Paul

Entrance to Wabasha Street Caves, Saint Paul
(very damaged)

American Red Cross, on Robert Street just up from the Wabasha Street Caves

Inside the Jackson Street Roundhouse, at Pennsylvania and Jackson in Saint Paul

Calhoun Ventures, 971 Sibley Memorial Highway, Lilydale

University of Saint Thomas, at Grand and Finn in Saint Paul

In front of Billy's on Grand, Saint Paul

All five of these (one of each character -- including a Linus!) at Keys Cafe in Woodbury

In front of Midway Stadium, home of the Saint Paul Saints

Ikea, Bloomington, near the Mall of America

Church of the Assumption, 51 West 7th St., Saint Paul

Wild Tymes, 33 West 7th Place, Saint Paul

Candyland, 435 Wabasha North, Saint Paul

Just outside the 7th Street entrance to the
Minnesota Children's Museum, downtown Saint Paul

Authentic Construction, 740 Grand Avenue, Saint Paul
(we found this one completely randomly when the office was closed,
so we may have to go back when it's open)

Both of these are across the street from the Star Tribune,
425 Portland, downtown Minneapolis

Outside a private residence off of the
Saint Louis Park side of Cedar Lake

at the University of Minnesota Riverside Hospital complex --
exact address of building is 2312 South 6th Street

Joe's Sporting Goods, 33 County Road BE, Little Canada

The Rice Street Branch Library, 1011 Rice Street, Saint Paul 

Saint Paul College, 235 Marshall Avenue, Saint Paul
(it's hard to find with all the one-way streets -- from downtown, stay on
Kellogg past the Cathedral, but then turn left onto the little side street for
"Shipping and Receiving" along the north side of the college)

In front of Associated Sewing, 690 Snelling Avenue North, Saint Paul
(very damaged, but at least he's gotten fresh coats of paint here and there!)
EDIT: This one has been moved to Anoka County Farms (see below)

In front of the Klas Center, 1536 Hewitt Avenue, on Hamline University's campus 

Inside the Bush Memorial Library, Hamline campus

ArtScraps, 1459 Saint Clair Avenue, Saint Paul

Northwest Family Physicians, 1495 County Road 101 North, Plymouth

 These three are at the New Woodbury Cafe, 803 Bielenberg Drive, Woodbury
-- the cafe appears to rarely be open (it was closed at 5:00 on a Friday!),
so I recommend going to DeLeo Brothers Pizza next door like we did

Animal Humane Society, 9785 Hudson Road, Woodbury

At the Minnesota State Fair -- the first three are near the Libby Conference Center;
the green Lucy was inside the 4-H Building
(but where art thou Corndog Snoopy??)

Cap's Grille, 5000 Hiawatha Avenue South, Minneapolis 

Highland National Golf Course, 1403 Montreal Avenue, Saint Paul 

Inside the Charles M. Schulz Highland Ice Arena, 800 Snelling Avenue South, Saint Paul

Statue #50!
Inside the front doors of Dayton Elementary School,
12000 South Diamond Lake Road, Dayton

 Inside the Metro Transit Store, Skyway Level of the US Bank Building,
downtown Saint Paul at 101 East 5th Street
(this Snoopy has been gussied up for the State Fair)

In a window facing Robert Street, near the fountain,
at the same building as above (US Bank)

These two are at the Premier Bank at 2866 White Bear Avenue, Maplewood
(Apparently if you're a bank that buys Peanuts statues, you're allowed to ruin them)

Inside the foyer of the Saint Paul Student Center, 2017 Buford Avenue

In a street window at Sibley Park Apartments, corner of Sibley and East 7th, Saint Paul

All five of these are at "Historic Lafayette Park" (a.k.a. a parking lot)
at the top of Lafayette Bridge -- roughly 449 East 7th Street, Saint Paul

Candyland, 212 Main Street North, Stillwater

El Burrito Mercado, 175 Cesar Chavez, Saint Paul

Boca Chica's Taco House, 407 South Wabasha, Saint Paul

The playground near Bayview Elementary, 24 South Walnut Street, Waconia
(There's a good story behind this one)

 Saint Kate's University, inside the Student Center (second floor of the Coeur de Catherine)

These four are at Associated Bank, 176 Snelling Avenue North, Saint Paul

These two are at Anoka County Farms, 125 Bunker Lake Boulevard, Ham Lake
(Sewing Linus has also been moved here)

All five of these are at Pro Pharmacy, 5th and Marie in South Saint Paul
(apparently they dress them up differently for each holiday, so we'll be back in December)

Tunnel between Moos Tower and Weaver-Densford Hall, 515 Delaware
on U of M campus (park in the Washington Avenue Lot, take the stairs or
elevator to the Moos Tower Tunnel, and follow the signs to Weaver-Densford) 

 Elmer L. Andersen Library, 222 21st Avenue South on U of M campus

These five (one of each) are in the Best Buy Headquarters off of 494 in Richfield
(the security here is TIGHT -- your best bet is to get someone who works there
to sign you in as a visitor and escort you)

These two are at the 5-8 Club in Champlin (6251 Douglas Court North)

Chain of Lakes YMCA, 7690 Village Drive, Lino Lakes

St. Joseph's Hospital, downtown Saint Paul, at the corner of Exchange and Saint Peter

Dyckman Free Library, 345 West Main Street, Sleepy Eye

Saint Anthony Park Home, 2237 Commonwealth, Saint Paul

Lower Level of the Shoreview Community Center, 4580 Victoria Street North

Main entrance to Saint John's Hospital, 1575 Beam Avenue, Maplewood
(chronological note: this is our first statue of 2013)

This one's at Saint Paul College also (we must have missed it last summer)

Meadowbrook Elementary School, 6400 Glenwood Avenue, Golden Valley

At the corner of Chestnut Street and Eagle Parkway,

Saint Paul Harley-Davidson, 2899 Hudson Boulevard

Bremer Bank, 1715 W County Road B2, Roseville

Metropolitan State University, Saint Paul campus

at Minnesota State Fair

STATUE #100!!!
At Anoka County Farms (added this year;
the previous three, above, are still there too)

Another statue was added to Candyland, Wabasha Ave., Saint Paul
(our first statue of 2014 and our first statue with both kids!)

near the tracks at Union Depot, downtown Saint Paul

Total found: 102
15 Snoopys
20 Charlie Browns
23 Lucys
22 Linuses
22 Doghouses

Further resources:
Daisy's list is the first one I found, and got me into this -- she doesn't update much, though:
John and I stay current with the statues that exist, but he's been doing it much longer:
And there's some lists that were compiled when ALL the statues were on display, such as:

P.S. Give us a heads-up in the Comments below if you know of any statues we haven't found yet.  There's a bunch of them we've found that weren't listed on any other website, so obviously there's many more out there than any one person knows about.  So, thanks a TON in advance for your help!

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  1. There is a WWI Flying Ace Snoopy in the Lindberg terminal at MSP, near the BlackBerry store in the mall area.

    1. Thanks PFritz! Unfortunately we're not planning on flying anywhere soon. :( We'll get that one for you as soon as we do, though!

    2. There is actually 3 statues at Terminal 1. There is a Snoopy doghouse, Cold Feet, Warm Thoughts, in the baggage claim area, near door 6. This area isn't secure and anyone can get to it. 2 statues are in the secure area, Traveling Snoopy is near gate C-12 and then the North Star Flying Ace is near the shops.

  2. Thanks for posting the photos from the 5-8 Club (I didn't know about them) and the new one from the St. Anthony Park Home. I stopped by there this morning on the way to work and got a photo of it. That puts me at 99 official statues (from the actual Peanuts on Parade events), one short of my goal of 100. The doghouse at the St. Paul Depot will supposedly be on display when the Depot opens on Saturday (Dec 8), so I am hoping to hit that 100 mark shortly. -john-

    1. Thank YOU John (I'm assuming this is the same John with the great list of photos/statues on your website). Your and Daisy's lists have helped us find a TON of these! I didn't know about the Depot doghouse -- maybe we'll see you there?

  3. There is also a Linus in the Bremer Bank in Roseville and a Snoopy Doghouse outside Sibley Manor Apartments (W 7th St. and S Davern St. in St. Paul).

    1. THANK YOU! Awesome leads -- we've just now gone to the Bremer Bank Linus and added the photo. We'll hit the Apartment doghouse sometime soon.

  4. Hello,

    Awesome list! We are a small team of Twin Citians developing a free local wiki related to the Twin Cities.

    We think it would be awesome to list some of these items on the wiki. Can we use any of this content? We would be sure to link back to your blog or anywhere else you see fit.

    Thank you for your consideration,

  5. Hi,

    Thank you for putting together this list. I started to "collect" them this year with my baby daughter, and it's fun!

    To add to your list: I just went to the Candyland in St. Paul last weekend, and there is a 3rd statue (a Snoopy).

    Also, the Snoopy on Finn and Grand (U. of St. Thomas) is moved (as of 7/5/13) because a construction across street.

  6. Donald's Uniforms, 972 Payne St. Paul, has two statues. One is Linus, Linus Goes To School, and the other is Lucy, School Girl Lucy. The lady that I talked to was very nice. Since the statues are on different bases that have wheels, the sales lady moved clothes racks out of the way and moved the statues so my girls could get in the photos.

    Your list has been very helpful with finding some of the statues that I didn't have.

  7. Another statue belongs to a private resident in S. St. Paul. It is a Snoopy doghouse, Life For The Birds. It is on the 100 block of 2nd Ave. S. You can't miss it since it is in the front yard. WARNING- When we went there were wasp nests all over it!!! My girls didn't want to get near it so we didn't get a picture.

    We asked the homeowner if we could take a picture with it and he was happy to let us. He even warned us about the wasps.


    The bronze ones in St. Paul

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